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Capturing the attention of your readers from the beginning is essential.

BLOGGING: 4 Secrets to Write a Great Blog Post

To write a good blog post you need to understand why people are reading your content. People want to get something out of it. This is much easier if you are writing about a topic in which you have a lot of knowledge to share.

10 Key Steps to Create Captivating Blog Posts

Making a post clearly beneficial to your audience is important for your SEO too. Strong research converts to good writing. Use a search engine to find various sources of information and take notes prior to writing the post. Making a rough outline in this research stage is also a good idea.

Get into the habit of doing this on a regular basis. If you want to write an authoritative blog post, you should be using reputable sources and backing up your claims. Wikipedia may get bad press, but you can use it as a middleman to strong, reputable sources by using their references section. Other places to source strong research could be reputable statistics websites, official associations, government websites, research pages and industry experts.

Invest time in making a quality post and both you and your audience will appreciate it much more. The headline is going to be read more than anything else, so get it right. You can then design your shop window to appeal to them and get those customers inside. Additionally, the layout of your article will have a massive impact on your bounce rate. The easier your article is to navigate, the more people will read it. For example, how often do you Google something and have to trawl through an entire article in order to find an answer?

Punchy headers are one of the best ways to do this — it makes your article scannable. Every time you address a new issue or topic, you should use a new headline — your readers will love you for it. Content marketing involves creating and spreading online material in order to pique the interest of your target audience.

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Do you know what I do when I get excited about an article online? I share it. Think about the most popular TV series over the past few years.

Captivate Your Readers With a Mind-blowing Blog Article Introduction

But why were these shows so popular? Because they captivated the audience. The content gripped them, enticing them to continue watching, episode after episode. But you do need to create an exciting and compelling story.

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Always be original in everything you do. But most importantly, always make sure your content is original. One of the my favorite formulas is this :. There is simply nothing more compelling than a story. The best way to illustrate why people buy from you what makes you different than your competitor is to tell stories about your everyday interactions with customers.

Stories paint a picture and evoke emotions, which goes a long way in cultivating trust. Blog posts are at their best with they build trust by telling great stories that draw people closer. Your successful opening paragraph has two components: Expertise and Empathy. Images help tell stories.

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Sometimes, they are the story. Many people will scan your post. Make your post readable to each type of reader:.

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